Brittany Lauga has come out against a series of 'bizarre' new sex ed videos. PIC: The Good Society
Brittany Lauga has come out against a series of 'bizarre' new sex ed videos. PIC: The Good Society

‘Bizarre and confusing’: Brittany Lauga slams sex ed videos

A Central Queensland MP has slammed a 'bizarre' sexual education video released by the Federal Government's 'The Good Society' education resource.

Member for Keppel and Assistant Education Minister Brittany Lauga has condemned the sex ed video, which depicts a woman rubbing a milkshake into a male peer's face, and another man doing seductive dances such as twerking.

Another video shows a woman being urged to swim in the ocean by a man with a speargun on a beach.

And there's even a video trying to explain sexual assault by way of eating a taco.

"Consider this taco," the video aimed at year 10-12 students says.

"This taco has no opinion of whether or not you eat it. It was not secretly hoping to go to university. Or was it? No, it wasn't.

"Because a taco is an object, and a person is a person."

Brittany Lauga at Parliament House.
Brittany Lauga at Parliament House.

Ms Lauga said the LNP's Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge needed to reveal the cost of the bizarre videos which have been slammed by rape prevention campaigners as trivialising serious issues.

"Who commissioned these bizarre videos and how much was paid for them?" Ms Lauga said.

"Minister Tudge launched these resources supposedly to better educate young Australians about respectful relationships, but these videos are way off the mark.

"Sex education is serious and these misinformed, bizarre and confusing videos really ignore that young people want better sex education.

"If these resources are in response to the Brittany Higgins allegation of a rape at Parliament House, and the national outcry that followed, then they have fallen flat on their face."

Ms Lauga said young people were more than capable of grasping complex and serious issues such as sex and consent, rather than having them taken down to this Federal Government's basic, common denominator.

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