SOME cute recent additions to Ipswich's Nature Centre have just celebrated what is hoped to be the first of many milestones.

Alpine Dingo pups Lola and Moose both turned one on May 28, having been brought to Ipswich when they were just tiny little 13-week-old bundles of joy last year.

The Nature Centre held a special party for the two star attractions.

Zoologist Nicole Richards said the playful pups had found a special place in the hearts of nature centre staff over the past 12 months.


Nicole Richards and Paige Wilson of Ipswich Nature Centre with one year old dingos Lola and  Moose.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Nicole Richards and Paige Wilson, of Ipswich Nature Centre, with one-year-old dingoes Lola and Moose. Cordell Richardson

"They arrived in September last year as two youngsters full of energy," Ms Richards said.

"Their average day consists of rising early, having a play, eating, running around, going for a walk, playing and then napping.

"They are very active.

"They keep us on our toes but they have definitely worked their way into the hearts of all the keepers here."

Ms Richards said she hoped Lola and Moose could help teach visitors more about native animals.

"Dingoes are an iconic Australian species and apex predators," she said.

"Here at Ipswich Nature Centre you have the rare chance to see dingoes up close and see why they are such an important animal."

Lola and Moose are on display at Ipswich Nature Centre which is open each week from Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am-4pm.