Bindi Irwin in the Dancing With The Stars make-up chair
Bindi Irwin in the Dancing With The Stars make-up chair Contributed

Bindi Irwin opens up about the dance she did for Steve

WILDLIFE warrior Bindi Irwin has described for the first time how she felt when she performed a tribute to her late father -- the great Steve Irwin -- on the US Dancing with the Stars.

Talking to Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson, Bindi describes how she felt entering Dancing with the Stars for the first time.

"It is terrifying. It is so scary, honestly. It is so, so scary," she said.

"I remember the first day I walked in. It is like jumping off a cliff.

"You have no idea what to expect and you have to hope there is a net at the bottom."

Bindi is now a firm bet to win the dancing series, which is watched each week by an average of 13 million Americans.


When asked of her favourite performance, she said it was "the dance I did for my dad" as part of the show's Most Memorable Year theme.

"I knew that it was coming," she said.

"Because for the whole week it was really tough. It was just kind of reaching a place that I haven't even thought about.

"You kind of just push things aside.

"But I think what was great was that I was able to just pour light in on that spot and let the emotion out and share it with everyone else.

"It is OK to take the grief journey and it is OK to feel that emotion but what is important, it is about picking yourself up afterwards and remembering you can be happy afterwards.

"Into this dance is for my dad and for my family, for everyone back at home but for my dad. This is for him."

Bindi also dished about her love for wakeboarder boyfriend Chandler Powell, who she described as "a wonderful guy" and "such a kind human being".

Watch the full interview here.

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