THE ex-girlfriend of Ultra Tune franchise tycoon Sean Buckley plans to defend herself - guided by public library legal textbooks - in their Supreme Court battle over secret recordings.

Jennifer Cole, a bikini model and nurse who has a young daughter with Gold Coast-based Mr Buckley, said her decision to dispense with a lawyer was in part to avoid being drained financially.


Jennifer Cole and Sean Buckley. Photos supplied by Jennifer Cole.
Jennifer Cole and Sean Buckley. Photos supplied by Jennifer Cole.


While Mr Buckley has multiple lawyers, Ms Cole admits she is reading legal textbooks from the public library in Melbourne to prepare her statement of defence to be lodged on Friday.

Mr Buckley launched legal action against Ms Cole in a bid to gag her from releasing recordings she made during their relationship, as revealed in January. His legal action also targets Ultra Tune Thoroughbreds employee Anthony Swords, who Mr Buckley's legal team claims was given some recordings.

In a statement, Ms Cole: "I am facing my fears by defending myself (in court).

"I am parenting our young daughter, and will not allow Sean Buckley to drain me financially with the burden of legal costs. He has all the money in the world to hire all kinds of solicitors.

"I am a single mother and my priority is my daughter. This is my desperate decision to avoid any legal costs that can be utilised for my daughter's wellbeing.


Instagram photos of Jennifer Cole.
Instagram photos of Jennifer Cole.


"This has been an emotionally, physically and financially exhausting process. I want to keep things in my control to protect my sanity, and ultimately my daughter's interests."


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In an initial Supreme Court skirmish last month, lawyer John Searle, for Mr Buckley, told the court the recordings were made without his client's consent and public release would put Mr Buckley's reputation "in significant peril" and cause "extraordinary economic loss".

A separate lawyer for Mr Buckley has previously said the multi-millionaire has nothing to "fear" on the recordings.

Zoe Davis, for Ms Cole, told the court at the time the recordings were subject to a criminal investigation: "My client was subject to a violent, violent attack in part of these recordings." Mr Buckley has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing.





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