OPINION: Bikie laws were right way to go

THE Palaszczuk government was always playing with fire in attempting to unravel the bikie laws.

For the first time in years we were actually seeing the police win the battle against the vermin of our society.

The men who prey on the weak, beat up the brave and destroy the lives of our young.

Let's get the facts clear.

Bikies are men who don't believe in laws.

They also don't care who they bring down in their pursuit of making as much illegal cash as they can and doing as little as possible.

The are the drug barons of the streets who sell to our youngsters sending their lives spiralling down into the depths of despair.

There are no "nice Bikies", they all belong to a lawless society and they need to be banned for life.

Campbell's Newman's government may not have a lot to look back on with pride, but one aspect they can proudly reflect on was their introduction of the VLAD laws.

It will always be seen as the first positive step this state made in the fight against our bikie gangs.

Premier Palaszczuk has now got herself and her government into deep water. The vast majority of the people in this state think exactly as I do and they want the bikies gone.

By shaking the tree Labor may just have shaken themselves out of government.