Former Speaker and Sunshine Coast MP Peter Slipper
Former Speaker and Sunshine Coast MP Peter Slipper Warren Lynam

Big spender: Slipper's golden days out of politics

FORMER Speaker and Sunshine Coast MP Peter Slipper has been enjoying a golden period out of federal politics, racking up thousands in travel on his Lifetime Gold Pass.

Mr Slipper charged $12,620.23 for domestic travel for the six months to June, more than any other politician with access to a Gold Pass.

The Lifetime Gold Pass can be used by former MPs and senators for up to 10 free return airfares within Australia every year.

Mr Slipper released a statement saying "much of the travel was to assist the AFP on their investigations into the unauthorised release of my diary when I was Speaker.

"None of it was travel for pleasure.

"It is cruelly ironic that I am criticised for travelling to assist the AFP in their investigations.

"In the process I experienced trauma and stress but was endeavouring to carry out my responsibilities as a citizen."

It is one of several perks available to former politicians. Former PM John Howard leads in the overall spending stakes, costing taxpayers $152,968, followed by Bob Hawke on $83,371.

Mr Howard's spending including $14,378 in domestic air travel and $112,434 on office expenses.

Partners of deceased former PMs are also entitled to taxpayer funded travel, office facilities and phone costs.

Should former MPs be allowed to travel on tax-payer dollars?

This poll ended on 08 December 2016.

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Yes. They've earned it.


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