Jodie Healy with some of the animals at her Big Giraffe Cafe.
Jodie Healy with some of the animals at her Big Giraffe Cafe. Contributed

Big dreams for little Bororen cafe

WHEN Jodie Healy's children were young they used to travel around the country looking for "big things”. Now she owns a cafe with one of those "big things'' out the front.

The Big Giraffe Cafe is one of the many businesses on board The Observer's Town Proud campaign for 2019.

She said being a part of the campaign was a "win-win” for everyone involved.

"It gets the message in the paper and it's a chance for my customers to win something,” Ms Healy said.

She said shopping local was hugely important to the business, which was why she sourced all her stock locally to the best of her ability.

"It's like the village thing, if you look after the locals and grow the economy locally it makes it stronger and better for everyone,” she said.

"If the community is not behind you, you don't have much of a business.”

Ms Healy said the cafe was fortunately positioned in Bororen, meaning many travellers stopped in. However since taking over the business in September last year she's been more focused on creating a family-friendly atmosphere.

"There's a few (locals) who come here who are really supportive,” she said.

"We do pizza nights on Friday nights and the locals really get behind that.”

Ms Healy is working on setting up an art gallery out the back to support local artists and expanding the garden to include more animal statues for the kids to play with.

"We're continually growing and leaning towards families,” she said.

She said being part of Town Proud was a great way to help small businesses like hers gain more exposure.

"I think it's good to bring focus to little businesses like this here in Miriam Vale and like that where people might have overlooked them,” she said.

"A lot of people have come in and said they didn't know this was here.”

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