Betty Lowis.
Betty Lowis. Contributed

BETTY'S VIEW: Pensioners are struggling

I SAW on TV that aged pensioners were in revolt regarding the lack of consideration for them in the Budget.

Although some have paid income tax all of our working lives, it seems there are some who resent the fact we get pensions now that we are old.

For us there were not a lot of mod cons around and it was just plain hard yakka for most.

My Dad was a railway fettler and packing sleepers and hammering dog spikes were just two of the hard jobs that were part of his work schedule, having to be done by hand.

If only he could see how easy it has all become.

I felt sad one day, and surprised too, to see dog spikes being hammered in by machine.

Some don't seem to realise that we supported people when we worked and paid income tax.

I remember cashing pension and unemployment cheques.

We keep hearing about pensioners living longer lives and I feel guilty because of that.

It appears that those in my age group are supposed to be long gone.

It is the Baby Boomers (post-World War II babies) who are now in the firing line.

I appreciate my pension but I do have some concerns, such as having to pay large GST on home repairs, floor coverings, hot water systems, white goods, furniture etc.

I was shocked to see GST on things associated with our funerals.

Another concern is why widows and widowers find such a big drop in their pensions once a partner dies.

Not only do they have the grief and loneliness to suffer, but anxiety must be felt when the huge bills come in.

Rates, house insurance and other essentials have to be paid then on a shrunken budget.

I realise the welfare budget is huge as many need a slice of the pie, but it is still hard for some who may be financially disadvantaged due to having to pay high rents and therefore find it hard to make ends meet.