A replica revolver was used in the robbery.
A replica revolver was used in the robbery. MaxPixel

Betrayal, lies, 'mafia' claims examined

JAILED after betraying a man he once worked for, a man who criticised dramatic 'mafia' claims in court has had another setback.

Peter Joseph Carlyle, 45, said he was framed over a Goodna robbery.

Jurors at Ipswich District Court found him guilty of armed robbery last September over the 2015 heist.

He was jailed for three-and-a-half years.

The robbery victim was a man in his 70s.

Carlyle was accused of being a party to armed robbery, because he gave information to another man who carried out the heist.

Carlyle previously worked for the victim and installed a security device for him.

But Carlyle claimed he never planned to help with the armed robbery, and only handed over information because the robber threatened him.

The victim told the District Court the robber was "in a mad frenzy" and he was terrified his assailant "was going to do something crazy".

Carlyle went to Queensland Court of Appeal in March.

He told the appeal court "there wasn't even a gun produced" and a witness who testified against him was a serial liar.

Carlyle said a witness lied about owing money to the Chinese or Russian mafia.

"I just don't understand these lies and these false accusations," Carlyle told the appeal court.

He said the jury's verdict was unreasonable and there were significant discrepancies in the robber's account.

Carlyle also said his sentence was manifestly excessive.

But in a judgment delivered on Friday, Justice David Boddice said Carlyle had "few mitigating factors in his favour" and had shown no remorse.

"Whilst his criminal history was limited, his involvement in the offence of armed robbery was significant," Justice Boddice added.

The appeal against conviction was dismissed.

And the appeal court also said Carlyle's sentence was not excessive.

"If anything, it may have been on the lenient side," Justice Boddice added.

Leave to appeal against sentence was refused.

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