Don't worry, be happy?
Don't worry, be happy?

Best way to deal with worry

BOBBY McFerrin's 1988 hit with the song Don't Worry (be happy) recommended not worrying.

Dave Fredericks' letter "Do Nothing" (TC, 28/12) indicated acceptance of "do nothing", as a worry avoidance strategy.

It has recently been acknowledged that "worry/stress" is essential; because it develops motivation to "fight or flee", reactions essential for survival and progress; while do nothing (caught in the headlights) inaction is usually followed by a period of nagging worry until resolution of the problem.

The following is recalled to mind from a workplace notice listing general "discount strategies" for inaction:

It does not exist. (Don't worry, be happy.)

It does exist, but is not a problem. (Work in progress (WIP) tray, solve/worry (?) later.)

There are more pressing problems. (Another (WIP), Tomorrow Syndrome.)

It does exist, but is not solvable. (Pass. Rejected by Edison and Einstein.)

It does exist. It is significant. There is a solution. (Flick pass sideways, up/down chain-of-command. Often used in business/politics because, "That's not my responsibility/ portfolio".)

What me, worry?

JOHN LARKIN, Toowoomba