Give your winscreen wipers some TLC.
Give your winscreen wipers some TLC.

Best time for wiper blade replacement revealed

For most of their lives, your windscreen wipers sit silently, waiting for their moment to spring into action at the drop of rain. But then one day, as the raindrops begin to fall, instead of gliding smoothly across the windscreen, the wipers judder and cause streaks instead.

Believe it or not you should inspect or replace your wiper blades every six months. Windscreen wipers are constantly subjected to heat, UV light, dirt and bugs which overtime cause damage and affect their ability to wipe smoothly and quietly. Chips or cracks in the windscreen can also significantly reduce their lifespan.

If your wipers are looking a bit worse for wear, they can be replaced easily at home or during your next service, and don’t forgot to top up your washer fluid while you’re at it.

Giving your wipers some regular TLC means you’ll see clearly after those storm clouds have formed and raindrops have begun to fall.