This best man ragged on his mate at his wedding. Picture: YouTube
This best man ragged on his mate at his wedding. Picture: YouTube

Best man's savage 'Pornhub' roasting


A BEST man teamed up with Pornhub to make a hilarious video praising a groom's "stamina and loyalty" to the website - before playing it to stunned wedding guests.

Thom begins his speech by asking, "What has Danny always loved?"

The guests erupt into fits of giggles as Thom reveals how he convinced the largest pornographic distributor in the world to help him surprise his childhood friend.

Thom said: "It's only fair on his wedding that Danny, being a man of the world, was made a video by Pornhub."

As the video begins to play, a woman wearing a Pornhub T-shirt introduces herself as Aria with a message from Danny's "old friend" Pornhub.

She said: "Danny, your stamina and loyalty is very much appreciated."

"All the girls are gutted to hear that you're getting married."

On top of showing embarrassing pictures of the new husband, Aria reveals to guests a map showing all the places he has accessed the adult website across the world.

She adds: "We want to congratulate you and your bride today, but we also want you to know that we've saved all your favourites."

"Danny, we will never leave you and you will always be welcome back."

"We know Kath can't travel with you everywhere."

The groom is quick to throw his new wife, Kath, a bashful look as someone is heard saying: "That's the best best man speech I've ever seen."

Thom told Refinery29: "My friend's face as it was being introduced and played was priceless."

"They both saw it for what is was - very good-natured humour at his expense."