Best lockdown memes we’ve seen


If you're a globetrotter, being grounded for an indefinite amount of time is not a comfortable place to be.

But thankfully there are people out there in the travel community putting an amusing twist on the lockdown … and as we know, there's nothing like a laugh to help get you through the rubbish bits of life.

We've already written about the hilarious video of the unemployed tour guide showing off his front yard, and the flight attendant working from home.


Some of our new favourites - which you can view below - are from people who have thought outside the square, and brought their favourite travel activities into the home in creative ways.

For example can't have brunch in New York? No worries!



Can't go on a safari? No worries!



Can't go on a wine tour? No worries!



Can't go rock-climbing? No worries!



Can't go mountain-climbing? No worries!



Can't take a subway ride in New York? No worries!


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Can't hit the club in Ibiza? No worries!



Can't get down to your local tennis courts? No worries!



Missing airport codes? No worries!



Missing travel adverts? No worries!



Can't get around on public transport? No worries!



Can't take drool-worthy travel photos to punish people with on Instagram? No worries!



Can't travel? Let your dogs go for you!



Then there is this collection of memes, which perfectly reflect our frustration at being grounded:











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