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Bernard Gaynor 'charged by military' over terrorism posts

THE Australian Defence Force (ADF) has reportedly charged an Army Reserve intelligence officer, Bernard Gaynor, for discussing links between Islam and terrorist activity.

The father of five and Iraq veteran says the charges were laid today, despite an internal investigation by the ADF's Investigative Service finding that there was no basis for disciplinary action.

The would-be politician is no stranger to controversy, resigning from Katter's Australian Party in February party because "it failed to oppose abortion".

He says that the latest charges are proof that political correctness is hampering the ADF's ability to fight against Islamic violence.

"It is outrageous that the Australian Defence Force is charging me for discussing Islam," Mr Gaynor said.

"In the last week, ASIO has confirmed hundreds of Muslim Australians are joining violent Islamic groups in Syria and a radical Australian Islamic cleric has been linked to the Boston bombers."

"Yet the Australian Defence Force is sending a message that intelligence officers cannot discuss Islam in any way, shape or form, unless they pass judgment that it is a nice, peaceful religion."

"How the hell are you supposed to have an objective view of Islam if you are not allowed to examine links between Islamic beliefs and terrorist activity?"

Mr Gaynor said he was charged over comments on his blog, not on Twitter, as had been reported.

"In the last decade 39 young Australians have given their lives fighting against Islamic violence," Mr Gaynor said in one of his latest posts.

"In the same period, Australia's Islamic population has almost doubled."

"This does not make sense and is a betrayal of the hard work and sacrifices our soldiers make on operations to defend Australia."

"Now ASIO has confirmed that hundreds of Muslim Australians have travelled to Syria and may be supporting al Qaeda and other affiliated Islamic groups. This is a ticking time bomb."

Bernard Gaynor's Boston tweets.
Bernard Gaynor's Boston tweets.

"This kind of stupidity will lead to a misunderstanding of why threat groups targeting the Australian Army conduct violent activity and, at worst, could result in the death of Australian soldiers."

"It also explains the logical inconsistency between fighting a war against people who espouse violent Islamic beliefs while at the same time having an immigration policy that allows people with the same ideology to settle into Australia."

"It begs the question: what, exactly, have Aussie Diggers been shedding their blood in Afghanistan for over the past decade?"

Mr Gaynor said he was also charged for bringing the ADF into disrepute for pointing out that it paraded with various groups conducting sexually-explicit activity at the 2013 Mardi Gras in front of children.

"I will defend all charges and I am confident that I will be acquitted of them all," he said in a statement on Monday.

APN is seeking comment from the ADF.