The man who beheaded a woman in France made a video call to his family just before he committed the unthinkable. This is what he said.
The man who beheaded a woman in France made a video call to his family just before he committed the unthinkable. This is what he said.

Beheader’s mum learns of son’s sick act

Hours before the sickening terror attack at a church in Nice, knifeman Brahim Aouissaoui made an ominous call outside the building at the very scene of the tragedy.

On arriving in Nice, the 21-year-old terrorist called his family in Tunisia, his sister Afef has revealed to Sky News.

After telling his family he'd arrived in the Southern French city that morning, they caught glimpses of the church on a video call as Aouissaoui explained he'd been looking for a place to sleep.

After media reports surfaced showing the aftermath of the attack, Aouissaoui's family were horrified to see the same building the 21-year-old had showed them.

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Aouissaoui after the attack.
Aouissaoui after the attack.


The call was a confusing one for the knifeman's family, who were unaware of his plans to travel to France.

"He did not tell (that he planned to leave Tunisia) and we were surprised when he told us he had reached Italy," his brother Yassin said.

"He called me yesterday and told me that he had arrived in France, and I answered him, 'Why? Why did you not stay in Italy? You don't speak French and you don't know anyone there,'" his mother, Gamra Issawi, revealed.

The family are still reeling from the attack, shocked at what has happened and insistent that this behaviour is out of character for Aouissaoui.

"My brother is a friendly person and never showed extremism," older brother Yassin told Sky News.



The 21-year-old's family members are now under investigation themselves, security sources in Tunisia confirmed.

His sister Afef also revealed police had taken the family's phones.

The call took place just hours before Aouissaoui entered the church with a large knife and killed three people, beheading a woman and stabbing two other people to death in a bloody rampage at the Basilica of Notre-Dame.

He is in a critical condition in hospital after he was shot by police following the attack.



News of Aouissaoui's puzzling phone call comes after French police arrested a second man in relation to the Nice attack.

Police arrested a 47-year-old believed to have been in contact with Aouissaoui the night before the attack.

A substitute prosecutor at the Tunisian anti-terrorism prosecutor's office, Mohsen Dali, told The Associated Press that the claim of responsibility came in an online post saying the attack was staged by a group called Al Mehdi of Southern Tunisia, previously unknown to Tunisian authorities.

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