BEER: Co-founder of Two Mates Brewing Grant Smith spoke at the council meeting on Tuesday February 9.
BEER: Co-founder of Two Mates Brewing Grant Smith spoke at the council meeting on Tuesday February 9.

Beer o’clock in South Lismore as council passes motion

The craft brewery planned for South Lismore has been granted a deferred commencement consent by Lismore City Council.

The brewery was been subject to a feisty debate at Lismore City Council's meeting on Tuesday night (February 9) which saw allegations of "bullying" and "intimidation" levelled against Two Mates Brewing.

One of the main residents against the development, Tristan Inglis, raised concerns about the DA application which he described as "erratic" and "indecisive".

"It just seems be freestyling along and changing and adapting really erratically, incoherently without what I feel is a reasonable amount of due process from council," he said.

Engine St resident Renae Tyson claimed the company had "bullied" and had been "intimidating" to residents to get their way.

"They have bullied us, intimidated us and harassed us … we have rights, I live there," she said.

"The only thing this will bring to Engine St is disruption, noise, possibly anti-social behaviour … seven days a week.

Two Mates brewing Co-founder Grant Smith refuted the claims put against the company, saying they had been "fully transparent" during the process.

"In difference to some of the comments tonight, we have approached locals, the broader community … we have provided regular notifications," he said.

"I refute the claims around our intimidatory behaviour."

Stone and Wood general manager Nick Boots spoke in support of the company which they had been "mentoring" and providing "guidance" to as they started their business journey.

"This is the little guy trying to get a fingernail up the wall and into this market," he said.

"It's not a late-night venue with a nightclub, with loud music, with hoons, etcetera … is a brand experience to get people to understand who we are and why we do what we do."

During the vote, deputy mayor Neil Marks said it would be "just nuts" to reject a "potentially brilliant idea" which would "increase the liveability" of South Lismore.

Councillor Elly Bird said that council should support projects which can "put our city on the map" and provide "larger benefit" to the community.

Councillor Adam Guise's original motion to reject consent to the DA failed to pass.

Cr Marks motion to approve a deferred commencement consent was supported by councillors Marks, Cook, Bird and Moorhouse and Ekins.