Billie Eilish in Apple's release of the Beats Solo Pro.
Billie Eilish in Apple's release of the Beats Solo Pro.

Beat Solo Pro miss out on comfort

THE two things I was looking for using the Beats Solo Pro were performance and comfort, they excelled in one and not the other.

The recent Beats entry have only improved in performance with noise-cancelling feature that removes background noise at the touch of a button.

Tested against the harsh winds of the beach and blaring music at the gym, these headphones cancel the background noise and surround you in an audio-bubble.

The thumping bass previous versions were renowned for has been toned down to provide a more balanced, high-quality sound. 

Other impressive features include: powering off by simply folding them and the 10 minute charge to 3 hour playtime ratio.

These features are fantastic, the only issue is how they feel.


Shot of Beats Solo Pro
Shot of Beats Solo Pro


The sturdy arch and smooth extensions are undermined by the pressing against the top of your head and against your ears.

After listening for over an hour, small pinch emerges at the top of your head before being reminded about your squished ears.

The soft, moisture-resistant ear pieces feel clean at first, but in the sun or during a workout your ears are feeling sticky.

Whether it's worth the $400 price is, what are we willing to endure for good sound?