Tim Dormer, Renee Peterson and Paul
Tim Dormer, Renee Peterson and Paul "Browny" Brown submitted

Bearded shock jock's top five stunts

FORMER Central Queensland shock jock, who is making headlines now due to a Tweet at Azealia Banks gone viral, has been a great source of entertainment in the past two years.

Paul 'Browny' Brown has certainly used social media to share his amusing thoughts, which have created waves of all kinds - from top trending topics on Twitter and Facebook - to death threats from upcoming US rappers.

Here are the top five stunts that have kept us amused in the past two years:

1. Browny jumps on Schapelle bandwagon

We all watched as Schapelle Corby spent nine years in prison in Bali for smuggling drugs. It was one of the top stories in Australia media from days after her arrest to a year or so after her release. 

Some of the reasons why it was a popular news story was Schapelle's ongoing claim of innocence, along with the other drug smugglers (some Australia, some not) who served a variety of punishments Australians considered too harsh - including executions.

Schapelle's long-awaited release was a hot topic in the Australian community - particularly online.

Browny was the one who came up with the Twitter hashtag #Thingsschapellemissed which was shared by friends, and more importantly, colleagues at metropolitan radio station. It went viral and became the top trending hashtag on Twitter in Australia for a night.

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2. Browny wants to follow his idol's footsteps

Big Brother 2013 winner Tim Dormer and 26-year-old Browny worked together a few years back on a radio show on the Gold Coast.

"I'd love to see what kind of person I really am when I'm thrown into a house with no exit surrounded by people I don't know," Browny said.

So, the shock jock put a call out (new rules on how people nominated for the show) for friends to nominate him for the 2014 series. 

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3. Browny's Twitter war with Azealia Brown

Need I explain more?

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4. You did what?

Those that have met Browny in person know of his love of tattoos.

But when he got this tattoo, my eyebrows raised... for about 20 minutes:

Now, there's bromance and then there is brocrushes.... Browny needs to get over his brocrush of James Franco (sorry bud, but  someone had to say it).

5. Following a trend instead of creating one... a new thing for Browny

Then there was the time he and co-host EJ  created their own Instagram video for the movement started after a guy wanted to impress a girl he just met with a video.

That video has gone viral, thanks the girl's friend who uploaded it to Instagram.

The original Starbucks Drake Hands video shows the man looking like he is trying different poses, as one would for a photo shoot. It is unclear if he meant to video the posing, or take a number of photos.

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And before you ask, Browny and I are not dating... we have a mediamance going on.