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Be the master of your success - it’s all in the mindset

WHAT gets in the way of your success? Serena Williams, Elon Musk, Beyonce, Jack Black, Richard Branson, George Clooney and every other hero you hold in high esteem all have one thing in common. They have a possibility mindset. They can imagine the success in their future. You can too, you just need to get your head in the game. Here are some tips and tricks for doing exactly that.

Get unstuck

Most people mistake a possibility mindset with positive thinking. Positive thinking is the art of finding the positive in a situation rather than the negative, it’s dealing with the current moment. Positive thinking will make you feel good now but it won’t help you smash your goals. Possibility mindset is dealing with the future. It’s making the switch from can’t to can, from impossible to possible. It’s the first step in achieving everything you ever imagined. It’s easier to get there than you think.

Body of evidence

Instead of looking for the reasons you cannot do something, look for the evidence that maybe, just maybe, you could do it. Pretty much everything and anything you want to achieve has been done by someone else before you thought of it. Plenty of people have started with nothing and become millionaires and billionaires. Plenty have been massively overweight and become lean mean fitness machines. Lots of people have gone from obscurity to celebrity. So, hop on Google, ask your friends, do the research. Just open the door on the fact that yes it just might be possible. I know you’re you and they’re them but the reality is if they can do it there is a pretty good chance that you can too and that’s all we’re looking for here. Is it possible?

You don’t need to believe to achieve

The idea that you need to believe to succeed is rubbish. You really just need to decide to get started. The belief will come as the journey unfolds. Most people fail to get started because they are told, “you just need to believe in yourself”. How can you believe in yourself if you haven’t done anything? The idea that you have to believe shuts down possibility, because if you don’t believe, you’re done, game over. Belief comes from actions so just decide where you want to go and get going.

A picture is worth a thousand excuses

What your mind can picture, your body can create. I get people to create a picture with as much detail about how their future achievement looks in the present. The key here is detail. For instance, imagine your dream home. How many bedrooms? How many storeys? How many bathrooms? What colours? What furnishings? What suburb? What street? The clearer the picture the more comfortable your mind gets with it being a possibility. The mind is a powerful thing. It’s like magic. Before you know it, what you’re thinking is being created.

Not all goals are created equal

There are actually two types of goals and the way you think about them opens a world of possibility. Outcome goals are about the end of the road, the result. You need to have these goals to get to where you are going. They are important. You must be clear on the destination or you will never arrive. However, as with any destination there are multiple ways to get there. Performance goals are the stops along the way. Where do you need to be this week? How will you get there? Just like mapping out a trip to New York. New York is the ultimate destination (outcome goal) and it can feel distant and far away. You can feel that you may never arrive. However when you just work at getting to the first place on the journey, what is overwhelming becomes possible.

Opportunity awaits

If you can think of possible rather than positive, look for evidence, get started, create a compelling picture and work on the journey rather than the destination, you will be surprised at what begins to unfold. Before you know it the impossible becomes possible and you will be on your way to smashing goals, targets and outcomes that you never imagined.