LOCAL LEGEND: Dancer Lili Wellings is set to move to Paris in May.
LOCAL LEGEND: Dancer Lili Wellings is set to move to Paris in May. Contributed

Bay woman to become new Princess at Paris Disneyland

HERVEY Bay's Lili Wellings is living every young dancer's dream, to perform as a princess at Disneyland.

The 19-year-old will leave for Paris in May to start her dancing career as Princess Anna from the movie Frozen.

Miss Wellings said she was shocked to hear her audition was successful because hundreds of dancers vied for the position.

"I was so happy but very shocked as it didn't quite seem real," she said.

"An open audition was held where several hundred people from all over attended.

"The audition took all day, and then I returned back the next day for an interview with the casting director.

"It still feels very surreal to have this opportunity and I don't think it will actually sink in until I am there."


Starting at Sparks Dance Centre at three years old, Miss Wellings said she was taught the foundations to have a full-time dancing career.

"They prepared me with everything I needed so I could go into that position ready," she said.

"And being prepared to go into a full-time course which has then taught me even more to lead me into this.

"I've been living in Sydney for the past two years training full time.

"I have a Certificate IV and a Diploma in Dance."

The seven-month contract is much like any other job, meaning Miss Wellings will work five days a week.

"It's basically like a regular full-time job, but just a bit different," she said.

"You work 35 hours per week, five days a week, seven hours a day and then you get two days off."

Miss Wellings said she would use her time off to explore her soon-to-be home and meet new people.

"I plan on using those days to travel and explore as much as I can," she said.

"I'm really looking forward to all of the new experiences I am going to have, all of the places I will go, the people I will meet and living life in a different country."