EXPERIENCED: Councillor-elect Wayne Wendt will put his hand up to be the next deputy mayor.
EXPERIENCED: Councillor-elect Wayne Wendt will put his hand up to be the next deputy mayor.

Battle for deputy mayor set to be a race in five

THE race to be deputy mayor of Ipswich looks set to be run by up to five councillors.

Councillors Paul Tully, Andrew Antoniolli and David Morrison will throw their hats in the ring as will councillor-elect Wayne Wendt.

Cr Cheryl Bromage will consult with Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale before making a decision whether she will put up her hand to fill the role vacated by the retiring Victor Attwood, who was deputy mayor for the past 12 years.

Lobbying behind the scenes is set to take place and ultimately it will come down to numbers.

Mr Wendt, who will be sworn in as the councillor for Division 5 after Easter when the final poll is declared, is keen to take up the post which will be decided in a secret ballot by the 10 councillors and the mayor.

The pay rate for deputy mayor is currently $127,740, representing a $15,000 increase on the standard councillor rate of $112,712.

Mr Wendt is the Ipswich Jets CEO and busy completing tasks for the club before taking up his new position in council.

The former Ipswich West MP will focus on economic growth and job creation in council and said he would be a strong support for Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.

"As a deputy mayor I believe I would be able to assist the mayor even more in the area of job generation opportunities," Mr Wendt said.

"That is an area I am very interested in exploring.

"I would be very interested in a deputy's role based on the fact that I also probably represent a good compromise candidate.

"I will bring some new ideas and alternative suggestions and thoughts to council, based on my experience in business and parliament."

Cr Paul Tully is in poll position to take up the role due to his experience and understanding of all aspects of council.

He is the yin to Cr Pisasale's yang in many respects and would be a trusted ally along with a counter balance to the mayor's exuberance in various areas.

"I am the longest serving councillor ever in Ipswich since 1860 and the longest serving councillor in Queensland with 37 years of experience," Cr Tully said.

"I know the administration of the council inside and out and have a very good understanding of town planning and financial matters in particular.

"And I believe I could work very co-operatively with the mayor."

Cr Andrew Antoniolli is set to throw his hat in the ring but said he would consult with colleagues and family before speaking at length about the matter.

"I'll be having discussions with my family, the mayor and my colleagues about it," he said.

"I'll be speaking to all of those people first before I make any formal comment."

Cr Bromage said she hadn't had any discussion with the mayor yet.

"So I would want to leave it at that. I would have to chat with the mayor first," she said.

Cr Morrison confirmed he was keen for a step up.

"I've got 16 years of experience as a councillor for the area," he said.

"I'm councillor of the fastest growing area in Australia so I have experience dealing with developers, the public and controversial issues.

"We have a proud past and an exciting future and I want to be part of leading that.

"I have been chair of parks, sports and recreation for 12 years and I sit on every council committee. I've also been part of the budget build and I'm passionate about Ipswich's future."

Cr David Pahlke has vast experience as a councillor across a wide cross-section of portfolios but said he would not be putting his hand up.

"Given the size of my division, two thirds of the city, and the communities I look after I am busy enough looking after Division 10," he said.

Cr Charlie Pisasale threw a bit of humour in when asked whether he was interested.

"I'm sure I have the ability to do the job but I don't think it would be appropriate," he grinned.

"My biggest concern there is that it would be a Pisasale-Pisasale team and they'd look at it like the Italian Mafia is coming in.

"I don't think it would be perceived in a positive light in the community."

Who would get your vote for deputy mayor of Ipswich?

This poll ended on 29 March 2016.

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