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Closed fist Monique Preston

Bashing victim's shoes ripped off as he lay injured

A TEENAGER'S sneakers were ripped from his feet during a vicious bashing carried out by a group of thugs.

One of the teenagers, whom the victim later identified to police, later sent a threatening message to the traumatised boy, a court has heard.

It was the second robbery with violence that one of the offenders - a 17-year-old - took part in within a period of 24 hours.

One crime happened on a train, while the second involved the teenager whose shoes and bicycle were taken from him at Riverview.

Appearing before Judge Dennis Lynch QC in Ipswich Children's Court, the youth pleaded guilty to attempted robbery (on a train) on May 27 last year; and two charges from the Riverview incident on May 28, which included causing grievous bodily harm, and robbery in company with violence.

Crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer said the youth was 16 at the time and while he did not physically take part in the actual violence, his presence had aided in it.

Mr Anoozer said one victim suffered a serious injury that required surgery.

When a 17-year-old on a train became the target of an attempted robbery of his mobile phone by the youth and two co-offenders, the youth before the court falsely claimed to a train conductor that it was the teen who had stolen his phone.

Defence barrister Nathan Edridge said a Youth Justice report stated he "demonstrates a high level of remorse” and was not proud of his offending behaviour.

"There has been a change in his attitude since that time. He has reflected on it,” Mr Edridge said.

Judge Lynch said the change in attitude apparently did not stop the teen from committing further offences including stealing, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, breaking into premises to steal, and drug offences.

Judge Lynch said a co-offender threatened to bash the teen on the train if he didn't hand over his phone.

The victim was helped into the conductor's room and the three offenders left.

Another teenage victim was walking his bicycle through a field at Riverview when attacked.

The teen refused to give up his wallet, and one of the male attackers punched him in the jaw.

Judge Lynch said that offender took $40 from the wallet and left.

The youth before the court took the victim's phone and bicycle, and a second male took his sneakers.

The robbery was recorded by a dash camera from a nearby car.

After being arrested and charged the youth sent the teen victim threatening messages.

Judge Lynch said the teen suffered serious injuries to his jaw, and titanium plates were inserted.

Finding that it was not a simple mistake by a young person, Judge Lynch sentenced him to nine months' detention.

He ordered that he be released after he serves 50 per cent of the sentence.

He received four months' jail for the attempted robbery, to be served concurrently.

A conviction was not recorded.