Costco Ipswich
Costco Ipswich Cordell Richardson

COSTCO: Only one more sleep

THURSDAY is the big day thousands of Ipswich locals and people from the Greater Brisbane region have been waiting for: Costco is open

Costco Australia managing director, Patrick Noone said thousands and thousands had already rushed to sign up prior to the store's opening Thursday at 8am - which is expected to be chaos by lunchtime.

"We have an extremely broad range of merchandise in the warehouse," Mr Noone told the QT.

Broad is an understatement. The American supermarket giant has everything, from an $18,000 television to a $149,000 diamond ring.

The warehouse keeps on average about 3300 items in stock, however they stock these items in bulk - to the tune of about $20 million.

In comparison, Mr Noone said an average supermarket has more than 30,000 different items in stock.

"It's kind of fun to come in here and find something different and unique every time you come through," he said.

Mr Noone said toilet paper is the number one selling item in the store.

Alongside Ipswich's massive appeal, Mr Noone hopes it will draw shoppers from all other parts of the south-east Queensland region.

"We've been very happy because we have thousands and thousands of new members," he said.


Costco Ipswich. Michael Ash with a 10kg chocolate block.
Costco Ipswich. Michael Ash with a 10kg chocolate block. Cordell Richardson

"And we think there is thousands of North Lakes members coming over as well because we split the city in half so there's somewhere between the M5 and here and the M5 and there people will shop naturally.

"It will make it easier for people from the Gold Coast to shop here as well - and people from Logan."

Mr Noone also said theree are a few vacancies left, expected to be filled shortly.

"We have around 280 employees now, I think we're still hiring, but we have transferred 20-30 employees from different states in the country, Melbourne, Sydney and from North Lakes so there's a whole new employment base here which is very exciting," he said.

"About half of our employment base is full time, the other half is part time. We tend to hire a lot of casuals through Christmas, so if the volume is good we will be a big employment generator here."


Costco Ipswich
Costco Ipswich Cordell Richardson

Depending on the volume of the store, Mr Noone also said there may be room for further expansion in employment.

Landholders in Bundamba, or those looking to develop businesses may also be in luck thanks to the 'Costco Effect' and the American giant's pulling power.

"The Costco Effect means a lot of people will come to this location and it makes the land around this a bit more valuable as well," Mr Noone said.

"People will see the new projects in this area start to fill in. More amenities for people that shop here and other businesses will pop up as well."

Memberships are available online or in store ahead of the retailer's opening tomorrow, along with catalogue specials, and several 'Ipswich only' items, including a tandem bicycle, Lego and an off-road buggy.

Ipswich outlet a 'dry store' due to legislation   UNFORTUNATELY for keen tipplers,  out there Costco Ipswich won't stock alcohol, much like it's North Lakes cousin.   The sale of liquor in Queensland is regulated by the State Government which stipulates a supermarket must have a liquor licence and a venue.   South Australia has similar laws in place; as such, catalogues advertising alcohol specials cannot be honoured in the two states.   "We'd love to sell liquor and alcohol in Queensland but we can't with the legislation the way it is," Costco Australia managing director Patrick Noone said.   "We'd have to buy a pub and have a licence here and we're not prepared to do that right now.   "If anyone talked to us, we would say we would absolutely love to sell alcohol but we don't have any plans to change or help to change any of the liquor laws, that's up to the Queensland people to decide." -----

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