BACKING: Charlie's Bar and Kitchen owner Tim Austin and supervisor Katie Bishop.
BACKING: Charlie's Bar and Kitchen owner Tim Austin and supervisor Katie Bishop. Rob Williams

CBD SOS: Business owner's plea to residents

RESIDENTS are urged to visit Ipswich CBD businesses to halt their further demise.

Tim Austin knows the standing Ipswich's central business district has with residents.

"There is a lot of struggle in the central CBD due to a lot of reasons," Mr Austin said.

Mr Austin has a vested interest in the area's success; he owns and manages Charlie's Bar and Kitchen.

The young businessman wants people to spend their hard-earned cash in the area and to boost positivity.

"Businesses in the CBD really need a lot of support at the moment," he said.

A series of shop closures has hit the main street of the business district in the past three months.

Mr Austin said his venue had bucked the trend and had been going strong since it opened in September.

"You get your quiet periods but it's time to come out now and enjoy the CBD," he said.

The Charlie's owner encouraged people to visit before the new mall opens.

"We need the support of the community until the local government starts spending money back in this region to hype up the area," he said.

"Come out on the weekend and enjoy, or even on weekdays. There's a lot of people doing specials and deals mid-week."

Mr Austin said the CBD redevelopment represents a light at the end of a long tunnel.

"It's coming," he said.

"Before it hits us, we need to remember that there are good-quality businesses here who are family-run and owned.

"There's still little guys around who need support.

"It's hard because I know the community is looking for something fresh and vibrant and lively and it's a little bit difficult down the main street of the CBD because that's been let go."

Mr Austin said the community "will be rewarded" if they visit the friendly people who have businesses in the CBD.