Banned driver was on mission to recover stolen property

A WOMAN was caught breaching a licence disqualification after telling police she had driven to a suburban area to look for stolen property.

Appearing at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Thursday, Anita Joy Harrold, 41, from Goodna pleaded guilty to driving when disqualified at Ripley on June 9, 2020.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bridie O’Shea said a Yamanto police patrol came across Harrold in a Ripley street at 10.15pm.

Harrold gave her name, saying she had driven there from her home in Goodna in the belief stolen property may be at the address.

“She said she was aware of being disqualified but had no one else to drive her,” Snr Const. O’Shea said.

At the time her licence was subject to a two-year disqualification, and Harrold was on a suspended jail sentence for other offences.

Magistrate David Shepherd noted that Harrold had a similar traffic offence in 2019 and had several suspended sentences for criminal matters.

The court heard she was also subject to a probation order.

“If you do this again you will go to jail,” Mr Shepherd warned Harrold.

Harrold was fined $1800 and disqualified her from driving for another two years.