Band calls out ‘abhorrent’ fan behaviour


Sydney metalcore band Polaris has condemned fans seen "spitting on drag queens" and calling them "disgusting creatures" near Enmore Theatre last night, telling them they are "not welcome" at future shows.

The stern message comes after fellow local musician Brendan Maclean tweeted the band informing them of their fan's conduct at a nearby bar.

"I watched them walk out of the venue where I work, with Polaris merch on, walk into the venue next door and spit on my friends," Maclean wrote.

In an earlier tweet, Maclean had said: "Not your fault but thought you outta (sic) know … So upsetting, a lot of really shaken young queer people."


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In response to Maclean's tweets, Polaris were quick to call-out "abhorrent" behaviour by members of their audience earlier in the night.

"To anyone who behaves like this: Do not come to our shows. Do not wear our merch," the band said.

"You are not welcome where we play and we don't want you in our community."

"If you can't treat people who are different to yourself with love and respect then sit yourself down and rethink yourself."





The band went on to say the incident was "incredibly disappointing", especially having occurred on Mardi Gras weekend.

"We have nothing but love for the queer community and we know (or at least hope) that the majority of our fans stand with us," Polaris said.

"This does not represent us."