DRIED UP: Ban Ban Springs.
DRIED UP: Ban Ban Springs. Contributed

LETTERS: Why was Ban Ban Springs allowed to be pumped?

THIS side of Gayndah at the turn off to Biggenden on the Burnett Highway, is a garage/motel at Ban Ban Springs.

Once upon a time there was a delightful rest area with a bubbling spring that drained into an area of reeds and water that was home to various native wild life.

It was a pleasure to stop at the picnic area and fill up water containers with the beautiful and sweet water bubbling out of the ground and was a must-have stop on the way to Central Queensland.

On one trip a dreadful and depressing sight greeted my eyes.

The vegetation was withering and the spring was no longer bubbling.

The garage/motel was buying water as underground water had dried up.

Why was this so?. It seems that the owner of the property on Biggenden Road accross from the garage discovered that the stream that went to the springs passed under his property so he promptly ploughed the land and installed irrigation pumps to water the crops.

My local MLA inquired about the use of this water and was told that it was out of the control of any water usage area and the owner could do what he liked with the water.

There is a sign at Ban Ban Springs that states it was an aboriginal gathering place and had a great influence on the life of the aboriginal people because of the permanent water supply from the spring.

As far as I know there was never any complaint by or objections to this desecration of Ban Ban Springs, that supposedly was of such importance to local aborigines. My question is why is it now of such importance that it is part of a Native Title Claim?

Why wasn't there an objection to the pumping dry of Ban Ban Springs. I'm certain that any complaint would have seen action.

DOUG MOSES, East Ipswich