Rugby Union - Pegg Cup between Ipswich Rangers and Goodna Gladiators.
Rugby Union - Pegg Cup between Ipswich Rangers and Goodna Gladiators. Franca Tigani

Ballymore beckons to Gladiators

TO PLAY on the hallowed turf at Ballymore.

That was the goal the Goodna Gladiators' Barber and Pegg Cup teams set themselves at the start of the season.

Tomorrow the two teams will tick that box when they run out for their respective grand finals against Pine Rivers.

"That was their main goal, they just wanted to get on that field and play at Ballymore,” Gladiators manager Natalie Chong Nee said.

"Last time we played there was when we won the Scotney Cup, I think that was in 2013. Everyone is so excited to play there again.”

Their place in the Barber and Pegg Cup deciders was confirmed a fortnight ago, when the two teams defeated this weekend's opponents Pine Rivers in their respective major semi finals.

The Barber Cup side won 29-18, and the Pegg Cup boys emerged victors in a hard-fought 31-26 contest.

But Chong Nee warned the job is not done for the club's two senior sides.

"You can never expect to have the same result again, you've still got to go in there and give it your all, every game is different,” the vice president said.

"The players have to get out there, play with all their heart and hopefully we'll come out with a good result. Pine Rivers will not make it easy for them.”

After winning the pre-season Rugby 10s competition, the Gladiators knew they had what it took to make at least one decider.

But to make both finals speaks volumes for the depth of talent at the club, and the influence incoming coach Walter Seupule has had on the squad.

In overcoming injury and form slumps, the two sides head into tomorrow's contests full of belief they can bring both trophies back to Goodna.

"Everyone has been on Facebook saying 'grand final week it's grand final week!',” Chong Nee said.

"Everyone is just so excited for Saturday. If we win, it will just prove that you don't need to be a big time club to take it out.

"We only have two senior teams and one junior team, so for them to take it out would be a pretty emotional day that's for sure.” .

QSRU Division 1 grand finals at Ballymore.

Pegg Cup: Goodna Gladiators v Pine Rivers, Saturday 1pm.

Barber Cup: Goodna Gladiators v Pine Rivers, Saturday 3pm.