Jury shown photos of Ballandean property during trial

UPDATE: The morning session of a Supreme Court trial in Toowoomba was mainly taken up with the jury shown a number of photos of the Lynam property on Puglisi Lane outside Ballandean.

Sergeant Phillip Daly, of Warwick Scenes of Crime, took a series of photos on June 9, 2013.

The photos show a generally messy yard with a number of 20L and 100L drums containing various coloured liquids.

Two grey drums were marked jet fuel and another marked ethanol.

Samples were taken from the liquids for forensic testing.

Samples were also taken from residue in a softdrink bottle and plastic cup found outside a donger where it is believed the four men had been drinking.

William (Bill) Neil Clarence Lynam, 71, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter and one of grievous bodily harm arising from the deaths of three men, one of which was his son, following a night of drinking homebrew whiskey made at the Ballanden property.

TUESDAY: Bottles of the same home-brew alcohol made at a Ballandean property which allegedly killed three men and seriously injured another had previously been gifted to friends of a man fighting three manslaughter charges.

A full-day of testimony in the Toowoomba Supreme Court today heard from four witnesses including first responders and investigating police.

William (Bill) Neil Clarence Lynam, 71, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter and one of grievous bodily harm.

The charges relate to the deaths of his son Joel Lynam, 21, and his son's friends Vincent Summers, 21, and Bryan Wilmot, 30, after a night of drinking at the Puglisi Lane property on the night of June 8, 2013.

The grievous bodily harm charge relates to the alleged organ injuries suffered by another of Mr Lynam's sons, Joshua Lynam, arising from the same incident.

The court heard Mr Lynam told police he had given bottles of the same batch of home-brew alcohol to friends as gifts but had not heard of any adverse reactions.

In a recording taken by Stanthorpe police Senior Constable Max Muir which was played to the court, Mr Lynam said the home-brew spirits the men drank had been brewed "six to eight months" prior.

In a second recording played to court of Mr Lynam, Snr Const. Muir and another detective, Mr Lynam said the men "certainly had some of my alcohol" but he was unsure if something else had been mixed in with the drinks.

"I feel quite confident there is nothing wrong with it," Mr Lynam said.

In the recording, he told the officers he had given bottles of the same batch as presents which had "all been consumed now" and had not been told of any reactions.

Photographs tendered to the court showed the three main living areas on the Ballandean property including the house in which Joel died, the donga where the men had been drinking and a shed in which Mr Lynam's stills were kept.

The photos showed several white containers of various shapes and sizes stored near the distilling equipment, including an apple juice bottle in which methanol, a by-product of the distilling process, was stored.

The court heard Queensland Ambulance advanced care paramedic Ginette Lovelady received a priority call to the Ballandean property about 5am on Sunday, June 9.

Ms Lovelady said the emergency call was for a man not breathing, and when she arrived at the property about 20 minutes later, she found Mr Lynam conducting CPR on a man later identified as Joel Lynam.

He could not be revived.

Ms Lovelady said Joshua declined treatment but had complained of back pain.

She said a second call was received about 7.49am with reports a man, later identified as Mr Summers, was suffering shortness of breath and was unconscious.

The trial continues.