Pie wars: ‘Do you want a piece of me?’
Pie wars: ‘Do you want a piece of me?’

Bakery’s expletive-ridden bunfight with customer

A BUNFIGHT has broken out between a Top End bakery and an unsatisfied customer over a cold pie.

"Branch Latroll" has been a loyal customer of the Howard Springs Bakery for years, but wrote on the business's Facebook page on Sunday that he would avoid the store until it "got its s*** together".

The irate customer wrote that his pies - bought for himself and his two kids - weren't warm and tasted as though they had been microwaved and that his Ice Break iced coffee was two days out of date.

In response, the bakery's Facebook page let off an expletive-ridden rant with an accusation that the complainant was a "f***king keyboard worrier (sic)."

"Does it make you feel like a man to post this bulls***. Get a life you w**ker," it read.

"Say you been going for years and have one bad pie and crack the sads like a little bitch."

The "gutless troll" should have instead made his complaint to bakery staff in person, rather than criticising the outfit on social media like a "right p***k", the post read.

When contacted by the NT News, bakery owner Rod Coverdale said he had no idea about the offensive post or who was responsible for it.

Mr Coverdale said a staff member had been "in tears" over the original review, which contributed to the fiery reply.

He said the language used in the bakery's response was inappropriate but that he understood the frustration from staff over online negative reviews from customers who hadn't first raised issues privately.

"Leaving a review like that achieves nothing and commenting on it achieves nothing," he said.

"If you've got a problem, come and tell us in person so we can solve it. We would have just apologised and replaced it."

The complainant told the NT News he was already at home at Johnston when he discovered the pies weren't up to standard.

"It was just an honest review. They are a bakery not a warmery," he said. All three pies, plus the iced coffee went into the bin, he said.

In a bright spot for the bakery, the Nutella doughnut received a glowing review.