Bailey Hundloe with boxing trainer Johnathan Black.
Bailey Hundloe with boxing trainer Johnathan Black. Contributed

Bailey fast becoming golden boy in the ring

EIGHTEEN months ago, Bailey Hundloe had never even picked up a pair of boxing gloves.

Now the 15 year-old has a pair of Golden Gloves taking pride of place in his home, having won the junior 60kg division earlier this month.

Bailey defeated Jamieson Soliviev from Gold Coast Boxing PCYC on August 26, improving his record to eight wins, four losses.

His coach, Springfield trainer Johnathan Black, said the youngster's journey from armchair to athlete is one worth noting.

"It's some kind of story, from where he was to where he is now,” Black said.

"From not being interested in any sport or getting fit to being really serious about his craft - he's just a really nice kid.”

Bailey, who only turns 16 in November, has come along so quickly under Black's tutelage he is already sparring with senior World Championship-standard boxers.

"I train boxers with far more experience than Bailey, but his attitude is right there with those top-level boxers when it comes to work rate and dedication,” Black said.

"He knows when he cuts weight he has to diet, he knows he has to take some luxuries out of his life and understands what it's all about.

"He trains like an athlete, he just takes it all on board and is a good student of the sport. Bailey knows what it's going to take for him to reach the top, and there's still a long way to go for him but I think he is prepared to go down that road.”

The Warrior Boxing Gym trainer said it was rare for someone of Bailey's age to take on board the rigours of boxing training, particularly in such a short period of time.

"It becomes a lifestyle I think, and not a lot of kids can take that in,” Black said.

"The training we offer (at the gym) is only three nights a week, for an hour and a half each night. The kids who want to succeed know that's not enough.

"That's what Bailey has taken on, he does everything he needs to. It's not unheard of, but it's rare and he's taken it all in his stride.”