LOCKED IN: The two girls were allegedly locked in their room on a hot summer's day with no access to fresh air or water.
LOCKED IN: The two girls were allegedly locked in their room on a hot summer's day with no access to fresh air or water. Marcin Pawinski

Bail refused for woman accused of torturing child, sister

LOCKS on a bedroom door and fridge, scars from a burn and medical evidence of her 12-year-old daughter's malnourishment.

These form part of the prosecution's evidence against a woman who has been charged after allegedly torturing her own daughter and younger sister.

Magistrate Louisa Pink refused the South Burnett woman bail when she appeared before Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Thursday, April 18.

The 32-year-old woman faces four charges in relation to her daughter and four additional charges, added on April 17, in relation to her 17-year-old sister.

Prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said allegations included the sister's arm being forced into a hot oven and burnt.

"There's a thick scar on the child's left hand from the oven element incident, so there is corroborating evidence," he said.

One of the victims had allegedly been scolded and burnt with boiling water, and on another occasion, forced to place her hands out to be hit with sticks and metal rods.

The court heard the victim had also been allegedly struck on the back of her thighs, resulting in large bruises.

"Locked in a bedroom, in the middle of summer, in extreme heat conditions without access to fresh air or water. All of the doors are locked and the windows are shut," Sgt Gangemi said.

The court heard the woman's sister had allegedly been forced to punish the 12-year-old girl.

"She indicated she would often make noises when she was meeting out the punishment to disguise the fact that she was not physically doing that punishment, so she herself would not be punished," Sgt Gangemi said.

He said one such punishment had involved forcing the child to drink copper sulfate.

The court heard the girls also allegedly had a restrictive food intake.

Sgt Gangemi said the hospital had reported the daughter weighed 19kg, half the normal body weight for her age, and showed signs of malnourishment.

Ms Pink said the police conducted a search of the house and located a plastic pipe and locks on the kitchen cupboard and fridge.

"They found the bedroom, that I understand the children occupied together, with a lock on the bedroom door and the window nailed shut," the magistrate said.

The court heard the officers found lines allegedly written out by the younger child as punishment, and diaries depicting the daughter's hunger.

The magistrate said the woman had allegedly destroyed evidence after the 12-year-old girl fled the home.

She said the South Burnett woman had also allegedly coached the 17-year-old about what to say to avoid the discovery of the events, including during a visit to see the daughter at the hospital.

"Prosecution alleges this was an attempt to influence the 12-year-old," she said.

Ms Pink said the woman had no previous criminal history.

"The charges against you are serious charges, and there are eight of them," she said.

"It appears the Crown case has real substance, and could perhaps be described as strong."

The 32-year-old woman is charged with two counts of torture and two counts of cruelty to children under 16.

She will also face one charge of the administration of poison with the intent to harm, two counts of deprivation of liberty and one count of assault causing bodily harm while armed.

The woman was refused bail on the basis of being an unacceptable risk of interfering with victims, evidence, as well as being a risk to other children.

The woman will face Murgon Magistrates Court on June 4 for committal mention.