Police breath testing a person.
Police breath testing a person.

Bad start to year for man found asleep at the wheel

IT WAS not such a Happy New Year for one driver when less than two hours into 2020 he got busted for a drink driving offence.

A woman in One Mile called police about a car in the street she thought may have crashed into a gutter.

Police arrived on the scene at 1.50am on January 1 and found the driver Steven Ruprecht asleep inside the car Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

Steven Bruce Ruprecht, 39, from Deception Bay, pleaded guilty to being-in-charge of a motor vehicle when over the alcohol limit (0.063) in One Mile on January 1.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said police found a parked Nissan with a man asleep in the driver’s seat.

“He says he had alcohol at a friend’s and at licensed premises and was sleeping it off,” he said.

Ruprecht’s lawyer said he’d not crashed into the gutter but simply parked there after driving 250m from a friend’s house after an argument.

Ruprecht was fined $350 and licence disqualified one month.