Backpacker lists why he hates Australia


From the "aggressive flies" to the slow Wi-Fi, Texan backpacker Tristan Kuhn has listed the things he "hates" about travelling Down Under.

The 22-year-old, who has paid visits to Cairns, Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania since arriving in Australia in October last year, shared the culture shocks in a video on YouTube.

"I'm going over the things this American hates about Australia," he said in the video.

"You know 'hate' is a little bit of a strong word but I would say these are the things that I dislike, frustrate or annoy me about Australia."

While he said Australia is a "wonderful place", and he thinks we're in "many ways much better than America", "these are just some ways I think Australia can improve".



We may have invented wireless internet, but Tristan said the speed of it is "really frustrating".

"It's not complete crap, but it's definitely much worse on average than it is in the US," he said.

"If you go to a typical free Wi-Fi cafe or restaurant, the Wi-Fi is gonna be lower quality than what you'd find in the US.

"But even if you are paying for your own internet and you're paying for the fast Wi-Fi that you can get, you're still gonna have really slow upload speed."

The YouTuber complained it takes him between five and seven hours to upload a video to the site that would normally take him 30 minutes to do back home.


This is definitely one we agree with: the "pesky and annoying" flies that plague us all summer long.

"The bugs in general get in your face, they're annoying, but the flies are aggressive. They just attack you when you try to hit them off your face, they just come back, they buzz right around here and you cannot get rid of them," he said.


He also took aim at Australia's law that all bicycle riders must wear a helmet - facing a hefty fine if they choose to disobey.

"This is another thing I think is just kind of like an overstep of the government … it's illegal to ride a bike here without wearing a helmet," Tristan said, adding he believed adults should have choice over whether they strap on a helmet when cycling.

"Obviously it's smart to wear a helmet, no one is doubting that but I think I should be able to choose whether I wear a helmet or not. I'm an adult, I think most adults should be able to make decisions like that."


Tristan said while it didn't bother him because he doesn't drink soft drink, something that "would really p*ss a lot of Americans off" is that our cafes and restaurants don't offer free refills.

"A soft drink would cost $4.50. Once you put ice in, it's so small and like probably less than half a can of soda that actually goes in.

"There are kids who would get two or three soft drinks over their meal and just right there that would be the same amount as their meal.

"So all you Americans out there who like your refills, be thankful that you're in America because there's pretty much nowhere else in the world that does free refills like we do."

One of the things Tristan doesn’t like about Australia is the fact our restaurants, cafes and fast food stores don’t offer free drink refills. Picture: YouTube
One of the things Tristan doesn’t like about Australia is the fact our restaurants, cafes and fast food stores don’t offer free drink refills. Picture: YouTube


Another one many Aussies will no doubt relate to: the high number of speed cameras we have on our roads.

"They have speed cameras everywhere. You cannot speed here in Australia," Tristan said.

While he said the cameras keep people safe, the ones in Australia are almost too efficient, resulting in a fine even if you're going only "three kilometres over the speed limit".

"I just don't think that's reasonable to me, it seems like a little bit of an overstep from the government to just be mailing tickets because they've got you on camera," he said, adding he didn't like the feeling of being "surveyed" everywhere he drives.

"Having cameras all around me is just one thing that I don't really agree with here. To me that just seems a little too strict."


Tristan has also taken issue with the "inconvenience" of paying for fuel at the counter of a petrol station, rather than at the pump like in America.

"Now this is a minor inconvenience but you cannot pay for gas at the pump, you actually have to walk inside the gas station to pay for gas," he said.

"This is annoying for two reasons - one I don't want to go all the way into the gas station to pay, it just takes extra time.

"Two - there's often a line of other people who are paying for gas or just buying stuff from the gas station so you have to wait in line to pay for gas. I don't understand why you just can't pay at the pump like you do in America."

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Our flies are “pesky”, “aggressive” and “annoying”. Picture: YouTube
Our flies are “pesky”, “aggressive” and “annoying”. Picture: YouTube