Back in jail for bullet and dope

CANNABIS leaves on the barbeque, a dope plant in a pot, and a bullet in a fake gun landed Daniel Linney back in jail.

The new charges breached his parole for previous offences.

Daniel Colin Linney, 45, from Raceview, appeared by video-link from jail before Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to producing a dangerous drug (marijuana) on February 10; possession of a dangerous drug and drug utensils (bong and electric grinder); and not having authority to possess explosives - a bullet.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said police went to Linney's house that Saturday and found a hand gun in the bathroom but when inspected was found to be a replica.

It's magazine held one live round of ammunition.

A plastic water bottle was found modified into a bong and an electric grinder found on a kitchen bench.

Sgt Caldwell said cannabis leaves were on a barbecue out on a veranda, and a large marijuana was found growing in a pot behind a garden shed.

Defence lawyer Toby Davidson said Linney had worked at a meatworks until it was closed.

He sought for Linney to receive immediate parole, saying that if not it would likely take four months for his parole to be considered.

Taking into account his existing sentence that was a consequence of these new offences magistrate Louisa Pink convicted him only.