Alex Nation, and alleged new girlfriend.
Alex Nation, and alleged new girlfriend. Julie Kiriacoudis

Bachelor winner Alex’s new same-sex relationship

NEWLY single Bachelor star Alex Nation is now in a relationship with a woman, according to pictures and a report in the latest issue of New Idea.

Last year's Bachelor, Richie Strahan, chose single mum Alex as the winner of the show, and while the pair enjoyed a high-profile romance, it had appeared to cool off in recent months, with mounting speculation that the pair had parted ways.

This Bachelor success story are reportedly a couple no more.
This Bachelor success story are reportedly a couple no more. Channel 10

Now, Nation is reported to be in a new relationship with her fellow Frankston Bombers WFL teammate Maegan Luxa, a 31-year-old Melbourne chef and landscaper.

New Idea has published photos of the alleged new couple kissing and holding hands around Melbourne in the past week.

The tabloid mag quotes a "friend" of Nation's as saying: "It started a month ago with Maegan. They play footy together for the Frankston Bombers and Alex started to have feelings. As it turned out, those feelings were mutual.

"They are now inseparable, spending very few nights apart, but it was all a bit of a shock. Up until this point, Alex had only ever had relationships with men."

The unnamed "friend" is also quoted as saying Strahan was not aware of the new relationship, which reportedly took Nation, who has only dated men in the past, by surprise.

"Right now she is not giving this or herself any sort of label such as being gay or bisexual. She does not see the need to categorise it that way," says the friend.

Nation isn't the only Bachelor alumni to enter into a same-sex relationship - two of her fellow contestants vying for Strahan's heart on last year's season, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon, entered into a much-publicised relationship before splitting earlier this year. And one of the contestants on the current season of the show, Adelaide's Holmberg, revealed she had been in a long-term relationship with a woman before vying for Matty J's affections.