A woman lay lifeless in her front yard after the man she employed to carry out renovation works allegedly struck her on her head.
A woman lay lifeless in her front yard after the man she employed to carry out renovation works allegedly struck her on her head.

Alleged murderer’s chilling words after woman killed

THE chilling final words of a Townsville woman killed in her own front yard by a man she employed to build her a new wardrobe have been heard in court.

Pamela Frances Corless was struck on the back of her head with a one-and-a-half metre piece of timber after Mark Daniel Ferguson confronted her about money.

On September 3, 2018, Ms Corless was found lying lifeless on her back by her son-in-law, three metres from her front door.

In his opening statement, Crown Prosecutor Nigel Rees said Mr Ferguson admitted killing Ms Corless when he pleaded guilty to her manslaughter on Monday.

But Mr Ferguson pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Corless and is defending that charge at trial.

Mr Rees read out a statement from Mr Ferguson's admission document that said Ms Corless was "being a bit of a c--t, grinding his gears" and he hit her causing her to fall to the ground.

The court heard Ms Corless had recently moved to Townsville and began to correspond with Mr Ferguson over Facebook in relation to hiring him to build her a new wardrobe.

The Facebook messages sent between the two were revealed to the court and showed Mr Ferguson quoted Ms Corless $650 to remove the existing wardrobe, buy necessary materials and build a new one.

Ms Corless gave Mr Ferguson the go ahead to buy the materials from Bunnings and carry out the work.


Mark Ferguson. Source: Facebook.
Mark Ferguson. Source: Facebook.


When Ms Corless began to become unsatisfied with the work, she paid Mr Ferguson $200 and asked him to leave.

The court heard Mr Ferguson asked Ms Corless if she wanted him to take the materials back to Bunnings so he could get his money back, however she told him to leave them where they were.

The next day, Mr Ferguson and his then girlfriend Louise Davies, went back to Ms Corless' home to ask her for the rest of the money.

Ms Davies told the court from the witness box on Tuesday she waited for Mr Ferguson in her car while he jumped the fence to go and see her.

She told the court she heard "loud banging" coming from the house before she got out of her vehicle and heard a female voice scream, "get out of my house".

Ms Davies said she panicked and went back to her car where she tried to call Mr Ferguson but got no response.

Not long after, Mr Ferguson jumped back over the fence, got into the car and said, "baby just take me home".

The court heard Mr Ferguson told Ms Davies he "smashed a couple of windows" and "hit Pamela over the head with a piece of timber".

An image was shown to the court of Ms Corless' deceased body lying on its back in her front yard with a 1.5 metre piece of timber nearby.

The timber was forensically examined and was found to contain Mr Ferguson's DNA on it.

The trial continues.



EARLIER: A JURY has been appointed to decide the fate of Mark Daniel Ferguson who is accused of killing Townsville woman, Pamela Frances Corless, in 2018.

Mr Ferguson appeared in the Townsville Supreme Court on Monday, April 19, charged with three offences - murder, wilful damage and burglary and stealing.

He pleaded guilty to the charges of burglary and stealing and wilful damage, and not guilty to murder.

Mr Ferguson entered a plea of not guilty to murder but said he was guilty of manslaughter.

The manslaughter plea was rejected by Crown Prosecutor Nigel Rees and the trial will proceed with the charge of murder.

A 12 person jury consisting of eight females and four males has been appointed with the trial estimated to run for three to four days.

Justice Susan Brown adjourned the trial to 10am Tuesday.



Originally published as "Baby take me home": Alleged murderer's chilling words