A three-month-old boy was left with fractures across his body after multiple attacks from his father.
A three-month-old boy was left with fractures across his body after multiple attacks from his father.

Baby has 10 bones broken after repeated bashings

A GOLD COAST man repeatedly beat his three-month-old son so severely the infant was left with multiple fractures across his small body.

A scan revealed fractures to his right elbow and forearm, ribs, left arm that had healed significantly, shin bone and upper leg bone on both legs and two small bones in his foot.

The boy's father walked from prison yesterday after serving two years and one month in remand for his horrific crimes.

The man cannot named for legal reasons as it will identify his child.

The 24-year-old kept his shaved head down and looked uncomfortable in his light blue shirt, buttoned to the collar, as his crimes were read out at the Southport District Court.

The man pleaded guilty to unlawful stalking, assault and wilful damage.

He did not react when Judge Katherine McGinness described how doctors at the Gold Coast University Hospital believed the appalling injuries occurred between May 1 and June 29, 2016.

"(The doctor) states that in her opinion the fractures, although unknown how they occurred, are consistent with twisting, or direct impact and or tugging," she said.

Judge McGinness sentenced the man to two years prison. He was released on parole yesterday.

She said she shortened the sentence for the man and did not take into account the time he had already served in order to maximise how long the man would be supervised on parole.

Crown prosecutor Matthew Hynes told the court the infant's injuries all occurred when his mother, the man's partner, left the baby in his care.

"The violence he inflicted must have involved some pain afterwards," Mr Hynes said.

"They occurred on at least three occasions. He did cause injury to the child and he didn't seek medical attention for the child."

The boy's mother noticed the injuries and twice took the baby for medical treatment.

On the second occasion, on June 29, 2016, she took the baby to Robina Hospital where doctors immediately transferred the boy to the Gold Coast University Hospital, where scans revealed the extent of the boy's injuries.

The injuries all healed except for his broken elbow which may cause him issues in later life.

A victim impact statement from the boy's mother described his rehabilitation process as "excruciatingly heartbreaking".

Mr Hynes said that on April 29, 2016, the man grabbed the throat of his partner and squeezed while she was holding the baby boy and while their two-year-old daughter watched.

After the woman fled and put the children in the car, the man spat on her and she returned to grab some items.

Defence barrister John McInnes, instructed by Legal Aid, said the man had been subjected to violence as a young child and would crawl to his neighbours to sleep.

That couple became his foster family when his biological parents abandoned him.

Mr McInnes tendered a psychological report detailing his learning difficulties and attention deficient hyperactivity disorder.

The man will move in with his foster father in Brisbane and will look for work in construction.