Aussie climber joins search for missing American on Mt Elbrus

TOOWOOMBA adventurer Alyssa Azar has been asked to join the search for a missing mountain climber as she approaches the summit of Mount Elbrus.

American mountaineer Steven Beare has been missing since June 16 after a solo ascent attempt to the peak of Russia's tallest mountain.

An official search and rescue mission was called off earlier this week, according to reports, but Mr Beare's wife has turned to the Toowoomba climber who is hopeful of reaching the summit this weekend.

Alyssa's father Glenn Azar posted an update on his daughter's climb this morning which said she was hopeful of "making the summit today or tomorrow".

"(Alyssa) has had some pretty good weather but the weather in these parts is notoriously fickle," Mr Azar wrote.

"There's a whole other thing playing out as she works for this mounting (sic) top.

"A few days ago a Colorado Police Officer went missing on Elbrus.

"He was last seen heading towards the summit when bad weather came in. Other climbers headed down the mountain but Steven decided to push on and has not been seen since.

"Alyssa has been contacted personally from Steven's wife and other family members to join in the search or send back information which both Alyssa and her guide have agreed to do, of course."

Mr Azar said as Alyssa pushed on to the summit, she is "watching out for a young policeman who was doing the same and is conscious of the challenges to their chosen activity".

"This is the nature of climbing mountains," he said.

"Mother Nature rules how and what you experience. It takes a tough mindset to stay focused on all the things you need to do whilst knowing this unfortunate incident is playing out around you and in fact you're involved in it.

Alyssa is the youngest Australian to climb Mt Everest and flew out of Brisbane International Airport earlier this week to complete her summit of Mount Elbrus in Russia.