Jacob Dryer from QUT Big Lift rolls down the avocado roll track at the Blackbutt Avocado Festival, September 9 2017.
Jacob Dryer from QUT Big Lift rolls down the avocado roll track at the Blackbutt Avocado Festival, September 9 2017. Will Hunter

Avo festival rolls into Blackbutt

MORE than 1000kg of avocados will be rolled, tossed, putted, cooked, weighed, guessed and lifted as part of the weekend's festival.

A variety of games and competitions throughout the day are sure to keep everyone entertained at the Blackbutt Avocado Festival.

The signature event of the festival involves rolling an avocado down a 35m rough grass course.

If the avocado stops within the course boundary, the distance from the target is measured.

"We've got the reed avocado, which is a cannonball so it's circular in shape,” committee chairman Jeff Connor said.

The eight closest entrants from each heat will return for the final at 4pm.

There are three heats for adults and three for children.

First prize for adults in the avocado roll is $1000, and second place will take home $100.

Children under 12 can claim $100 for first and $50 for second place.

The avocado toss will also take place on Saturday.

The toss is a test of concentration, precision and a big dose of sheer luck.

Throw an avocado at the target board featuring characters from the Blackbutt Avocado Festival avocado family - Avo Jo, Avo Flo, Big Hass and Little Pip.

Land your avocado through the hole and into the net behind and take home the corresponding prize for that target.

"They will be smaller reeds for the avocado toss,” Mr Connor said.

"And it's important to note that no avocados will be harmed throughout the games.”

Fancy having a go at avocado juggling?

Contestants choose three avocados to juggle during one of the four heats throughout the day - keep three avocados in the air for a minute or more to make it through to the finals at 3.30pm.

Don't forget to put an entry in to guess the exact weight of the avocado and win the cash prize.

The avocado will be on display in the Hall on the Rail Trail from 8.30am-4pm for entrants to enter their estimate.

All of the avocados used throughout the festival are locally grown.

"There's probably about six varieties that are grown locally,” Mr Connor said.

"We're expecting over 3000 people and the weather is going to be glorious.

"We're hoping for a few showers throughout the week to settle the dust, which will make for perfect conditions over the weekend.”

For full details on the avocado games and competitions, head to the festival website.