Ipswich and surrounding areas can expect dry and cloudy conditions to settle in over the next few days.
Ipswich and surrounding areas can expect dry and cloudy conditions to settle in over the next few days. Rob Williams

Average Ipswich a blessing for residents

THE weather is looking pretty average for Ipswich over the next few days, but in this case it is good news.

With a January maximum of 31.2C and a minimum of 19.6C, the Bureau of Meteorology's forecast for the area reveals temperatures won't deviate far from those highs and lows.

The onset of these settled conditions comes after a sprinkling of rain overnight Thursday and yesterday with 1mm of rain at Bundamba and 5mm at South Ripley.

Today those showery conditions will make way for a dry day with some cloud and a high of 33C.

Tomorrow will be the hottest day until Wednesday with 34C on the cards.

A high of 32C is forecast for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before nudging up by 1C on Wednesday.

The cloudy weather will continue through this stretch with Ipswich's best chance of rain early next week.

There will be settled conditions in Boonah, Esk and Laidley too, with temperatures swinging between 31C and 33C.

The best chance of rain will be on Monday and Tuesday, with a 40 per cent chance of a shower.

"It's pretty average weather out this way and it's going to continue because of the high pressure system which has been sitting over New Zealand for awhile now," forecaster Harry Clark said.

Further afield the conditions are more extreme.

Adelaide and Melbourne are set to see temperatures north of 40C over the next couple of days and parts of New South Wales including Sydney are expecting day 10 of a heatwave.

Up north Cyclone Penny has moved off the Queensland coast but is set to swing around to head back towards land.

It is expected to weaken as it heads for Townsville, hitting as a tropical low next week.

The Bureau is predicting Penny to gradually intensify while it is at sea.

It was forecast to reach its peak as a category 2 system while offshore yesterday before turning for Queensland.

After swinging southwest it is expected to weaken and return to a tropical low before reaching land.