Autumn scorcher fails to crack March record

THE mercury peaked at just under 38 degrees yesterday, as Ipswich residents endured the hottest March day since 2007.

Dry north-westerly winds pushed temperatures past 30 degrees just after 10am, with the peak arriving just before 4pm.

If you thought Ipswich was bad, those further west felt the heat even more, with Gatton recording a maximum of 38.5.

The maximum of 37.9 at Amberley was only one degree shy of the highest ever March temperature of 38.9, recorded on March 11, 2007.

Since 1942, there have only been eight occasions where the mercury climbed higher than yesterday's maximum during the month of March.

In what will probably come as good news to everyone except mad dogs and Englishmen, the forecast maximum for Ipswich today is a relatively mild 30 degrees.