Autumn afternoon thunderstorm possible

IPSWICH is in line for an afternoon autumn thunderstorm.

The Bureau of Meterology is expecting shower activity to increase later this afternoon and evening with a small chance of an afternoon thunderstorm.

BOM forecaster Harry Clark said the city is looking fairly miserable for a public holiday Monday, with cloud cover limiting the sunny skies the city has become used to this season

"There is a whole lot of moisture coming from the coast and an upper trough is providing extra oomph. A lot of cool air in the atmosphere is helping to produce more rain," he said.

"It will be a showery day today and there is the very slight chance of a thunderstorm as well.

"Showers are increasing as we go on throughout the day and into this afternoon and this evening. There will be more activity to come as the day progresses."

The conditions are likely to persist until Wednesday.

"Tomorrow will be very showery as well and quite cloudy still, another miserable day tomorrow," Mr Clark said.

"There is still high chance of showers but not as much by Wednesday. By the time Thursday comes it's going to be mostly sunny going into the weekend."

Temperatures will peak at 25C on Tuesday, heating up to 27C on Wednesday and 29C on Thursday before starting to cool down in time for the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday are expected to be 'the first real taste of winter' with overnight temperatures dropping as low as 5C on Saturday and 6C on Sunday and day time maximums only reaching 22C and 24C.

The chilly overnight temperatures are well below the mean minimum average of 11C.

Mr Clark said a surge of dry south-westerly air would clear out any moisture in the air and allow heat to escape quickly at night.

"It's like taking the blanket off and clearing any cloud," he said.

"Once the dry air floats through, there will be maximums of 22 on Saturday and 24 on Sunday. It's not unusual but up until this point, it has been quite a warm start to May.

"It will be the first taste of winter, dropping down to 5C on Saturday and Sunday."