NEW CHAPTER: Frances Lalor recently launched her second book in Boonah.
NEW CHAPTER: Frances Lalor recently launched her second book in Boonah.

Author finds success writing on the power of motherhood

IT IS perhaps unsurprising that Frances Lalor became an author, given her lifelong passion for books.

She has been surrounded by books all her life, using them in the classroom for teaching and reading to her own children.

Having already written two books, she was inspired to write more for children.

"When I became a mum, the ideas for each book just evolved around my feelings. I needed a creative outlet for myself, my own headspace outside of motherhood," Lalor said.

The Brassall author considers herself a mum foremost, but she said the art of writing and motherhood seemed wonderfully intertwined.

Lalor's knack for authenticity, gentleness and honesty are infused in her writing.

The first book, The Day You Came into the World, is something of a real-life fairytale that shares the heart-warming story of how true, unconditional love is born.

"It started off as a handwritten letter to my first-born child on an old Optus bill," Lalor said.

"I guess I just wanted to understand (and also explain to Pearl) the shift that happens when you become a mum.

"Something changes inside you, your heart is no longer your own, so that is what the book is about."

It is a highly relatable book for mums.

"I just wrote from the heart and then thought that could be a nice children's book. Everything just sort of aligned," she said.

According to Lalor, writing the book was the easy part.

"The response has been amazing. I've sold about 5000 copies of The Day You Came into the World, and that's just by doing everything on my own," she said.

"As someone who has self-published, I had to start from scratch, building relationships with book stores, libraries, mums and bubs boutiques, and building a website, email list and social media pages.

"I had to seek out book reviews and distributors all on my own.

"I had no publisher or agent to help."

Lalor recently launched her second book in Boonah, The Power of Mum.

It is a tribute to mums and the power they possess and highlights those moments when only mum will do.

"This power is present during the everyday tasks of being a mum," Lalor said.

"I wanted mums to feel valued.

"There is significance in the little things they do each day for their children, even though sometimes it can feel incredibly monotonous or tedious."

She said the process has been challenging but rewarding. Lalor's quiet determination allowed her to overcome the obstacles in her way.

"Doing it all myself meant I had to find all of the resources as well as trying to sell it through my online communities; eventually the book was accepted by a national distributor," she said.

Lalor highly values her role as a mum but said her other "baby", the books, are nurtured, too.

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