Australians' travel habits under the spotlight

AUSSIES are travelling less in our own country and overseas, according to research into the tourism sector undertaken by Deloitte.

The Deloitte Access Economics' latest Tourism and Hotel Market Outlook report showed growth in trips at home has slowed since the 2017 February outlook (down to 3.1% from 4.8%).

Although there has been an "uptick" in corporate travel, it had not countered the decline of domestic leisure travel numbers.

Deloitte national tourism, hospitality and leisure leader Adele Labine-Romain said in a press release that the numbers reflected a pattern of weaker spending by Australian households.

"As growth in household incomes has slowed, so too has consumer spending and with that, spending on leisure travel," she said.

"Growth in outbound leisure travel has also slowed from 4.5% to 3.7% over the year to June 2017.

"So it's not the case that Australians are substituting international holiday destinations for Australian ones. Rather, they are travelling a bit less overall."

The international visitor numbers, however, have climbed 8.9% over the past year to 8.5 million, with an additional 700,000 visitors arriving on our shores.

Visitor arrivals from China eased over the first half of this year, but still recorded 9.9% growth for the year.

India continues to gain market share on the back of exceptional economic performance, recording growth of 8.9%.

Also significant was the US, which for the second year running recorded arrivals growth of around 14%. It overtook the UK as Australia's third largest international market.

"Continuing growth in visitor arrivals and expenditure highlight that tourism is among the fastest growing sectors in the Australian economy," Labine-Romain said.