AUSTRALIAN Ninja Warrior viewers were less than impressed with last night's episode and accused the show of making one of the obstacles way too tough.

Viewers vented on Twitter last night after the first five Ninjas bombed out on the second obstacle on the course, the UFO Slider.

More than half an hour of last night's episode had aired on Channel 9 before viewers actually got to see a contestant conquer the challenging obstacle.

Just like last year's first season of Ninja Warrior, the course was changed between Heat 1, which aired on Sunday night, and Heat 2 which aired last night.

Some viewers felt that was unfair and that all contestants in the heats should compete on the same course.

The top 20 from each heat progressed through to the semi-finals but because so many people crashed out on the UFO Slider last night, it meant that anyone who successfully completed the obstacle was guaranteed a spot in the semi's.

Six contestants who failed on the third obstacle of last night's course, the Bridge of Blades, still got through to the semi-finals despite the fact they didn't even make it halfway through the course.



There are six heats on Australian Ninja Warrior with Heat 3 airing tonight on Channel 9 at 7.30pm.