Lincoln Lewis is a Mazda ambassador.
Lincoln Lewis is a Mazda ambassador.

Lincoln Lewis loves a tough machine

The life of an action movie star can be like their films. Lincoln Lewis doesn't dodge bullets on a daily basis but there are glamorous environments, suspenseful build-ups, short bursts of intense activity - then quieter stretches in between.

Lewis's next film, Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan screens in August. Awaiting its launch and promotion, the former Home And Away star plays another role.

"I'm an ambassador for Daydream Island," he says. "I just got back from (a few days' shooting).

"We've been somewhere that's not really charted. We were there for a few hours swimming in crystal clear water, put the drone up and shot a lot of stuff … It was pretty sweet."

Not exactly a tough gig. It's made even easier by a side gig promoting the latest Mazdas, which involves adventures at the wheel of a new BT-50 ute.

Lewis was impressed by how well the BT-50 handled the outback.
Lewis was impressed by how well the BT-50 handled the outback.

"You can get around anywhere. It's a car you can take into the craziest terrains and it holds its own," he says. "I absolutely love it."

Lewis prefers exploring Australia to taking overseas trips.

"Mum always said, 'We live in the most incredible country in the world', so I take any chance I get to go out and explore," he says.

"The first time I got the BT-50 we went on a roadie from the Birdsville races down through South Australia.

"That was just a kick-ass trip on its own. The second time we went through the Gawler Ranges. We were getting up these sharp rocks and steep hills and it wasn't too much trouble - it's been a wicked ute to take around."

Off-road vehicles have always been a part of the actor's family. The son of rugby league great Wally Lewis used to ride in the back of a four-wheel drive to idyllic destinations like Fraser Island and Brunswick Heads.

Borrowed Mazdas replaced Lincoln's first car, a Mitsubishi Lancer sedan. Don't expect to see a glamorous Lamborghini or race-ready Nissan GT-R in the driveway any time soon.

"When you're in high school you see movies like The Fast and The Furious, you think, 'That car would be amazing'," he says.

Lewis’ first car was a humble Mitsubishi Lancer.
Lewis’ first car was a humble Mitsubishi Lancer.

"But after travelling around for the last couple of years, I've said to my mates, 'Even if money was not a problem, I personally think I would go with something like a Mazda CX-9.'

"You can put a shit-ton of stuff in it and it's something that can get you where you need to go … big and durable."

In other words, a getaway vehicle to help escape what Lewis describes as the "cutthroat" world of entertainment.

Given a chance to drive any action hero's signature ride, the Queenslander picked the Aston Martin DBS piloted by Daniel Craig.

New Aston Martin DBS.
New Aston Martin DBS.

"James Bond's car in Casino Royale was next-level," Lewis says. "The Aston Martin was pretty cool. It's a secret agent car with all the gadgets."

First car: Mitsubishi Lancer (2004)

Next ride: Mazda6

Movie icon: Aston Martin DBS