David Hasselhoff made his guests watch his old music videos at a Superbowl party. Picture: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Maddox Gallery
David Hasselhoff made his guests watch his old music videos at a Superbowl party. Picture: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Maddox Gallery

Aussie star’s bizarre night with Hoff

Aussie actor Peter Phelps has opened up about a couple of bizarre nights he had with David Hasselhoff.

Phelps co-starred alongside the Hoff in Baywatch and this morning he told Nova 100's Chrissie, Sam and Browny about some memorable evenings he had with the Hollywood star.

"One of my greatest things with the Hoff was when I went to watch the Superbowl at his place," Phelps said on radio.

"At halftime he played his music video that he shot in Germany and he wouldn't let anyone out. He said, 'You've got to watch this!' He shut the door and the room was filled with director's chairs with his name on them, every chair."

Peter Phelps and his Baywatch co-stars.
Peter Phelps and his Baywatch co-stars.

Phelps' story cracked up Nova host Sam Pang who quipped, "What about the idea that … at Hoff's Superbowl, he's the half time entertainment!"

Phelps, who is best known for starring in shows including Stingers, Water Rats and Underbelly, also had a memorable evening with Hasselhoff and his good mate, former Australian Idol judge, Mark Holden in Melbourne.

After watching a footy game at the MCG in a corporate box, the trio headed back to Hasselhoff's luxury accommodation.

"He had a penthouse suite at the Crown Casino," Phelps recalled on radio this morning. "We went up to his place and got on it. I got ripped with the Hoff and Mark Holden!"

Peter Phelps.
Peter Phelps.


Holden and the Hoff.
Holden and the Hoff.

Phelps is one of many people who have had odd encounters with Hasselhoff over the years.

Last year Fox FM radio producer Leon Sjogren opened up to news.com.au about a stunt with the Baywatch star that got a little too awkward.

"We used to do Blackout Challenges where we'd blindfold the hosts, give them headphones, drop them into weird situations and then just watch them react and see how they went," said Sjogren, who was working on Fifi Box and Jules Lund's radio show at the time.

"Fifi was actually pregnant at the time and for some reason we thought it would be funny to have her wake up in a hotel bed with David Hasselhoff.

"We led her into this dark room and Hoff was in the bed. We didn't tell him to take any clothes off but he decided to take his pants and his top off and get under the covers. We put Fifi in the bed and we were in the room next door watching with night vision camera.

"She took the blindfold off and couldn't really work out what was happening and the Hoff starting serenading her."

Co-host Jules Lund was in the room next door watching with Sjogren and when things got a little too awkward he sprung into action and burst into the room.

"At that moment we thought, 'We've gone too far, probably,'" Sjogren said.

The producer recalled that Box found the whole thing rather amusing but afterwards she had just one question about the stunt: "Why?"

"I don't know the reasoning behind this idea but we just thought it was funny at the time," Sjogren laughed.

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