Alan Willis put on a show for Australia Day, but it earned him some unwanted attention from the police and a suspended jail term.
Alan Willis put on a show for Australia Day, but it earned him some unwanted attention from the police and a suspended jail term.

Aussie Day circle work costs hoon his pride and joy

A HOON’S drunken burnouts to celebrate Australia Day 2020 have cost him his bright green Holden and scored him a suspended jail term.

With half a carton of beer under his belt, the late night exploits of driver Alan Willis were captured on Ipswich SafeCity cameras.

A magistrate on Monday slammed his driving as “abhorrent, and highly irresponsible”.

Willis was recognised and soon after police knocked on the door of his home, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

A breath test revealed he was more than three times the legal alcohol limit with a reading of 0.178.

As a Probationary driver he should have had a zero alcohol reading.

Alan Roy John Willis, 34, a tradesman from Woodend, pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle when adversely affected by an intoxicating substance; and driving UIL at Ipswich on January 26.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick sought a jail term for the serious and dangerous offending committed in a public area.

“There was potential for a catastrophic incident due to the dangerous and complete disregard for other road users and pedestrians,” Sgt Dick said.

The incident took place between 8.59pm and 9.25pm in Ipswich CBD and was observed and recorded by a live CCTV feed.

Willis later told officers he drank half a carton of alcohol that afternoon and evening.

At 8.59pm, the green Holden Commodore driven by Willis was filmed by CCTV in Waghorn St, Ipswich, doing a prolonged burnout and spinning 180-degrees.

At 9.02pm the Holden was recorded in Brisbane St doing another burnout with excessive noise and smoke. Willis completed a 360-degree burnout against the flow of traffic before turning left into Waghorn St.

At 9.22pm the car was driven to the southern end of Waghorn St with Willis recorded completing five complete doughnuts, with dense smoke and noise caused by the spinning rear wheels.

At 9.25pm the car was driven from the northern end of Waghorn St, with Willis doing another protracted burnout with two full circles causing excessive smoke and noise.

Police tracked him down at 9.50pm at his Woodend home.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Willis was a roofer “who is struggling to explain his behaviour which was stupid to say the least”.

“It has already cost him dearly as his licence was suspended immediately six months now,” Mr Fairclough said.

“His car was confiscated by police and is likely to be forfeited.”

“There has been an impact on his work as it was required to get him to job sites.”

Glowing work references were tended, and the court heard Willis had since hired a person to drive him around.

Magistrate Robert Walker said Willis told police he drank half-a-carton of alcohol between noon and 9pm, and his dangerous driving was a serious example of such an offence committed with pedestrians and onlookers nearby.

“Any time is completely unacceptable. To do this when intoxicated from alcohol is absolutely abhorrent,” Mr Walker said.

“It jeopardises safety. Were you to have lost control it could have been catastrophic, people seriously injured or worse.

“It was highly irresponsible behaviour.”

Mr Walker said Willis had a probationary licence and was subject to a zero alcohol limit.

He said a strong deterrent was needed, given his high alcohol reading of 0.178.

For dangerous driving when adversely affected by alcohol, Willis was convicted and sentenced to a nine-month jail term, immediately suspended for 18 months. His licence was disqualified for six months.

For driving UIL his licence was disqualified for another six months, making a total of 12 months off the road until June 2021.