SHOW us ya cups Ipswich.

A social experiment based in three Ipswich CBD coffee shops is encouraging the community to take along their own coffee cup, or "keep cup", when ordering their daily morning brew.

Best of all, they will only pay $2 for the privilege.

Show Us Ya Cups is an entertainment project but has a heartening message at its core.

Treadwise Media founder Andrew Scott said his own battle with mental health issues encourages him to think outside the square.

"What we're tyring to document is a live experiment and in creating a live experiment we're hoping to capture people being confronted with a change to their morning coffee ritual," Mr Scott said.

"I had some great difficulties with depression and anxiety and the resulting self medication through substance abuse and one of the founding principles of this recovery community, helping people reclaim their lives, is to try and try to contribute to the community and think what's in it for everybody else and not necessarily what's in it for just myself.

"It's a work project but also a strategy for ongoing wellness and trying to rise above the tides of depression and loneliness and other such debilitating side effects of those mental health issues."

The project started on the weekend in Ipswich, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Mr Scott said a reduction in paper cups ending up in landfill was a "remarkable ideal but not chief goal".

"When they come in for their take-away coffee the first thing they're going to be asked is did you bring your own cup, and if they say yes they get a coffee for two bucks while the experiment is live," he said.

"So we're not so much filming for the results, we're filming for the entertainment. We want to get the reactions of people.

"We'll watch the interactions as customers are asked have you get your own and cup and get that confronting footage of that little bit of change in their morning ritual.

"I'm going to bet Ipswich has the best results from interacting with some of the staff and some of the customers already."

The experiment runs at Cactus Espresso Bar, Rafter and Rose and Deann's Coffee House until October 14.

If you or somebody you know needs mental health support contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

Show Us Ya Cups

  • Where: Cactus Espresso Bar, Rafter and Rose and Deann's Coffee House in Ipswich CBD
  • When: Up to October 14
  • How: Take along a keep cup to claim a $2 coffee